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Elders in Community

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Elders in Community

(Help Change My City)


Lead UX Designer

UI Designer


6 weeks

Sept-Oct 2019




Adobe Illustrator

Elders in Community is a new non-profit in conception stages under the Help Change My City founding team.

I led the UX/UI team in designing and delivering both a high fidelity web and mobile responsive prototype for this non-profit client.

Despite constraints around initial clarity of direction and a tight timeline, we delivered on time and to the delight of the client.

The website is planned to be launched in the next year.


Folks over 65 yrs are Canada’s fastest-growing age group and account for about 18% of the Canadian population.

Despite the growing 65+ population, many seniors who previously felt full of life and connected now feel distant from their community. But they don’t have to!


Elders in Community's ultimate goal is to create a holistic experience for seniors to become active and engaged in their communities by promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. They aim to be the hub for events and services for seniors in Vancouver.

Our design challenge was to promote a community hub for seniors, attract volunteers and donors, and serve as a resource for family members.

Were we up for the challenge? Yes!



Our team held discovery sessions with the client to clarify their goals, understand what kinds of problems they faced, and noted what solutions they have already tried. 

I conducted a SWOT analysis and one of the important considerations our team made was compliance with accessibility standards for older audiences.


Elders in Community had two main target audiences:

Primary: Seniors aged 65+ who want to feel like they are a part of the community

Secondary: Family members who want to make sure their family is not lonely

After the project was underway, our team went a bit deeper and realized that there is an opportunity to also engage another audience that the client didn't initially consider.

Tertiary: Donors and volunteers who want to give back to the community


Our entire team of 10 (UX, Art Direction, and Motion Design) used the Crazy Eights method of rapid variations, How Might We questions, and identified multiple touch points (posters, word of mouth, social media, email forwards, etc.) to define project scope.

FUN FACT: During the early stages of the project, our team pitched two new project names that we felt aligned with the goals, message, and audience of the organization (Big Life, Everlasting Generation). The client decided to stay with the original name, but, he appreciated our initiative.

Information Architecture

The UX team created a website flowchart to narrow down the scope of the project based on the goals that were outlined as most important by the client.

Top of mind was the necessity to keep everything as simple as possible without complex clicking.

UX Design

I delegated the UX tasks between myself and my UX colleague. I created sketches and wireframes for the home, donation, services, contact, and event pages for both web and mobile.

UI Design

Once I received the art direction from our teammates, as lead UX/UI Designer, I built and implemented a pattern library and style guide to ensure design consistency. 

To maximize on time and effort, I ended up passing the contact and events pages to my colleague to spend more time on the UI design. I reviewed her work and gave suggestions for improvement.

We went through a series of approximately 4 iterations of the entire site.


Our final solution below was presented to the delight of the client.

Overall, our final solution focused highly on designing for:

  • 1) Content that was neither boring nor "old" feeling
  • 2) Community connection

3) Building trust for service providers

Elders in Community Website Prototype


"The effort taken to understand our needs was inspiring. We felt that Kay was part of our team at the organizational/design team meetings we had. She showed commitment, taking initiative to see that both charities were satisfied with the work being done and was willing to go beyond the call of duty with the skills she had to make sure the work we wanted was delivered to us.

Elders in Community has started to reach out to the different entities, care homes, and potential partners using a lot of the work that was created by the group of designers. This work has been a gift especially in this time when many elders are feeling left behind."

- Alpha, client, Help Change My City


This project had a number of challenges and subsequent learning:


Since the organization was in its initial stages, there was little information and copywriting provided. So, I took it upon myself to write and edit the website copy, in addition to the UX design. Despite challenges around ambiguity, we always focused on the client’s needs, the user's goals, and the problem we were solving.

Usability testing

Given time and other constraints, we did limited usability testing before presenting to the client. Were I to work on the project in the future, I would prioritize more testing before shipping.

Art Direction

The delivery of the final art direction to the UX/UI team was delayed; however, we worked with what we had and in prioritizing a design system, it was quicker to apply cohesive UI once we received it!

Overall, it was a great experience in learning to work together on and lead a team to deliver on time.


LEAD UX/UI Designer — Kay Nguyen

UX DESIGNER Shayna Nuñez

ART DIRECTION — Victor Pires, Vats Azad

MOTION DESIGNERS — Gregory Obi, Cristina Rendon, Austin Day, Rodrigo Ares, Jana Ko, Nikhil Behl