Kay Nguyen | UX Designer




Client: Beast Training

My Role: Art Direction + Product Design

Problem: Most climbers use excel sheets or paper to monitor their climbing progression. There isn’t a central location for climbers to track and analyze their training and progress.

Solution: Design an all-in-one mobile app specifically for climbers to log, track, and analyze training progression and tick lists.

This project is currently in re-design. Case study to come in late 2020. Here are some samples of the branding re-design below.

Beast Training Logo – Black on White

Beast Training Logo – White on Black

Beast Training Logo – Red on Black

Beast Training Poster

Beast Training Poster

Beast Training Stickers

Beast Training Toque

Beast Training Chalk Bag

Beast Training Chalk Brush

Beast Training T-shirt


Client: Adobe x Airbnb Creative Jam

My Role: UX/UI Designer

Teammate: Hossai Girowal, UI Designer

Design Brief: Empower families and groups of friends who travel together a collaborative way to document, organize, and share their travel experiences and stays to the larger Airbnb community.

In a mobile app, provide a way to combine photos and/or notes and transform their shared family trips into immersive stories about the culture and destinations they visit.

This project is currently in re-design.